Popular Yoga Poses

Yoga is increasingly becoming popular as more people seek to enroll for classes. According to research, practicing yoga offers many health benefits, including increased fitness and normalized blood pressure. Furthermore, yoga is recommended highly for the treatment of stress. The more one gets to practice, the more they stand to report improved feelings of happiness and well-being, as well as lower stress levels. These benefits are often associated with meditation where yoga practitioners concentrate on the poses and breathing acts. Some of the popular yoga poses (asanas) include:

· Hatha yoga

'Ha' means sun while 'tha' stands for moon. The pose encourages the union of poses with the breath. The Hatha yoga focuses on joining slow and gentle movements with the deliberate breath work. Hence, the Hatha class is recommended for people who are just starting out in yoga. Moreover, it is an easy class to find because just about every yoga retreat offers the class.

· Ashtanga

For those who are looking for a strong physical practice they can consider practicing Ashtanga yoga. Hence, it is referred to as "power yoga". For people who are very athletic, this form of yoga is right for them. Furthermore, it is recommended to people looking for an opportunity to engage in a vigorous practice. It plays an important role in disciplining the mind and streamlining the body.

· Anusura

The Anusara class has a theme that is heart oriented. The posture seeks to urge on the practitioners to attain a high quality of heart and mind. The practice of Anusura seeks to generate balanced actions with each posture- this is often combined with alignment principles. Like other types of yoga poses, the actions and movements in Anusura are often coordinated with breathing. The class is recommended for learners seeking for an opportunity to use creative imagery and concise instructions to unite the mind, body and spirit.

· Iyengar yoga

When you get the opportunity to attend a yoga retreat center, you stand to benefit a great deal from the training offered. Iyengar focuses on developing alignments and precision in different poses. Moreover, Iyengar yoga uses different tools such as belts, wooden gadgets and ropes that play an important role in assisting the practitioners to achieve the right version of poses. This type of yoga is recommended highly because it was the first type of yoga undertaken in the West. It is popular in the west because it encourages artistic expressions through scientific instruction.


  1. The yoga poses are essential forms of meditation, used for calming the mind, strengthening the body and assisting in improvement of blood circulation. No matter what level of expertise, each pose delivers different benefits to the mind, body and soul of the individual.

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  2. These yoga poses are quite beneficial. Have been doing yoga from last few months. Found it really effective for my health. Have purchased alo yoga pants for it in order to make it more flexible and comfortable.